Middle East

Synergy Consultants, the leader in Executive Search and Selection in India, has been helping large organizations in the Gulf and the Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.  in finding talented middle and senior level professionals for Profit Centre Management, whether it be for Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Finance, Accounts or HR.

The focus is on industries like Infrastructure, Construction, Oil & Gas, Trading, Retail, Telecom, Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Engineering. We have established an International Back Office (IBO) in New Delhi that provides real-time support to our International operations in activities such as mandate execution and delivery. We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.

We have Specialist Teams with real work experience in various ME nations to meet clients’ specific needs effectively and promptly. Our exclusive Talent Database, built over more than two decades, is also very helpful in meeting such niche requirements.

We are committed to the concept of global economy and global clients.

We have done Executive Search and Recruitment for multinational corporations for places like USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Muscat / Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Hongkong, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, etc.

India has one of the largest, skilled, experienced, English speaking professional population in the world. The Indian professionals are adaptable, hard-working, intelligent and dedicated. When global organizations need such specialists in third countries at CEO or CXO levels, a large number of such professionals would hail from India and Synergy assists Clients in finding the best amongst them.