Rising Women Leadership: India

Where are the Women Leaders in Business? The inequalities and gender bias are still very much part of the workplace culture in India.

Last year, we had done a study of Women CEOs across the globe. The results busted many myths and through up interesting facts.

So, this year, we decided to examine how Indian Women CXOs, who are at the threshold of becoming CEOs, view the question of gender diversity.

Business World-People, India’s leading business magazine has just published, as its Cover Story, our study titled “Where are the women CEOs?”

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According to Gurdeep Hora, the Managing Director of Synergy Consultants and Head of Asia-Pacific for IRC Global Executive Search Partners, who led both the Diversity-focused studies (Global & Indian), it appears that the upwardly mobile women are caught up in a game of snakes and ladders, where they face many unknown pitfalls just as they are nearing the top.

Perhaps, the unstated and hidden biases are still strong in spite of greater social acceptance and all the factors are not fully understood.

For the number of Women in Leadership to increase substantially, a greater matching of critical skills, attitudes and agility are needed. Only sustained efforts can build a robust pipeline of keen and capable women in senior roles so that they can match the qualities needed at the top leadership levels.