What Makes a Successful CEO

Synergy Consultants is involved in the discreet search, selection, assessment and growth of CEOs across India, Middle East and Africa for over 25 years. During this period, we have been evolving a hypothesis about what makes a successful Managing Director or CEO of an organization in India.

Similarly, the Members of IRC Global Search Partners in over 40 countries, have been constantly interacting with CEOs and monitoring the various trends and practices in their countries.

We are now conducting a detailed empirical and structured study of the DNA OF A CEO across the world. We have already interviewed 45 CEO respondents from as many countries through Questionnaires, Discussions and Face to Face interviews in the last couple of months.

Currently, we are doing a similar exercise amongst the Indian CEOs. An initial study is being done through a simple Questionnaire below. Personal interviews and discussions will be held with Typically successful CEOs across different sectors and domains.

If you are a CEO, and wish to participate, Let Us Know in Confidence

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