Money has only one colour, but human perception of its value and mental satisfaction varies depending on how it’s received. The ‘amount’ received may have different `value’ for different individuals and hence a different impact.

Synergy has a unique approach to compensation structuring for global organizations and its key-professionals. Our keen understanding of multi-national, multi-location issues and environmental factors enables us to advise on expatriate or local compensation with equal ease. We begin at the top, understand concerns of both, employers and employees, survey the environment and competition, to develop Compensation Structures and link these with performance, where needed.

Synergy conducts only Commissioned Studies of Compensation, levels and practices, across industries and locations. Our analysis and reports are extensively quoted in the business media and closely followed by HR fraternity.

Synergy tracks the trends and helps organizations benchmark compensation & benefits and develop alternative structures and schemes. Our benchmarking studies encompass not only a comparison of levels, skill-sets, responsibilities and span of control, but also organization sizes. We analyze and advise on the issues of salary, compensation and benefits in all its’ multi-hued manifestations.