Compensation Benchmarking

Synergy helps with exclusive benchmarking for large organizations keen to have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of various aspects of compensation structures. It’s most useful when they are at the threshold of policy / compensation revision or for trans-national companies that are setting up operations in India. Synergy assists organizations in evolving a competitive compensation structure which enables them to eliminate one of the major causes of employee dissatisfaction and maintain a motivated workforce and a vibrant culture.

Synergy has a unique approach to compensation structuring for global organizations and its key-professionals. Synergy’s keen understanding of multi-national multi-location issues and environmental factors enables it to advise on expatriate compensation, relocation and multiple-taxation parameters.

At Synergy, we understand the issues of salary, compensation and benefits in all its multi-hued manifestations. We operate at top levels, understand concerns of both, clients and employees, to develop Compensation Profiles of special merit.

We also assist with position-profiling at CEO & CXO levels across industries.