Synergy Consultants is a totally client-driven company and believes in providing Executive Search and Human Resource Management services of the highest quality in India and abroad to large multinational and Indian organizations as well as to family-led professional businesses.

It was established in 1989 by Professionals from India’s leading Management and Engineering institutes, having long Indian and international working experience and a global perspective. Synergy’s keen understanding of multinational issues and environments enables it to Search Executives and advise on human resource management issues with a global perspective.

We specialize in a wide spectrum of industries with internal Practice Experts from diverse professional fields and expertise, who understand the rapid changes taking place in the global business environment. We offer total solutions for effective talent acquisition, management and growth. Whether you need to recruit, compensate, motivate or train key professionals for your organization or need to evolve systems for effective harnessing and development of your human resources, our wide industrial experience, extensive talent database, and innovative techniques would be invaluable.

The various Practice Groups encompass diverse Industries and functional specialties.