Global Indian Talent Anywhere

Synergy has a special global connect with the Indian diaspora of Professionals across the globe and they keep in touch with us for new career options in diverse geographies and verticals. We have a huge Talent database of Indians working across the world in Europe, USA / LATAM, Middle East /Africa, APAC / Australia. Almost everywhere. They have gathered wonderful experience, niche skills and a global mindset. Progressive business groups are keen to hire them in India and elsewhere and they are equally keen to explore new horizons.

For Executive Search in India: We understand Indian business imperatives, organizational people needs, available skills and motivation profile of leadership talent. Today, Synergy has an international clientele and a national reach through multiple Offices and Associates in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore, etc.

For Executive Search abroad: We have been assisting major Indian companies find talent abroad in many countries of the Middle-East, Africa, APAC and Europe.

As part of the IRC Global Executive Search Partners, consistently ranked amongst the 10 largest Global Executive Search Firms, we can now assist in finding talent through over 70 offices across 40+ countries in all the continents.