Legal & Regulatory

With globalization, the Indian business environment is also facing much greater challenges of governance, regulatory compliance issues. As the issues demand greater and timely attention, the legal function is evolving rapidly and organizations are feeling the necessity of building up a strong in-house team of senior counsels and legal experts.

In some domains like pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, banking etc., the regulatory issues have become highly complex and failure to adhere to norms can badly hit the business. Similarly, IPR and laws governing patents and technology are taking centre-stage where legal counsel’s knowledge of business parameters is critical. Compliances and public-policy, privacy, corrupt-practices, money laundering are also slowly becoming cause of concern in company compliances.

Similarly, Law Firms are also getting organized on a corporate basis and their demands for outstanding legal talent are also rising.

Synergy Consultants has conducted many searches to help such organizations recruit top legal talent to handle challenges of regulatory and corporate governance.