Where are the Women CEO’s: A Global Study

As part of its’ global study of The DNA of CEOs, “IRC Global Executive Search Partners” (IRC) has surveyed and interviewed CEOs from 40 plus countries about the state of Women CEOs in their countries. The study breaks many myths and reveals some very interesting facts:

More Women CEOs in Asia than in Europe or America

There are more Women CEOs in Asia Pacific than in the USA or Europe when calculated as a percentage of Total CEOs in these countries. While in Asia and Australia, 11.8% of CEOs are women; in Europe and Americas, this percentage is only 7.8%.

Singapore, Vietnam & Philippines are Champions of Women Leadership of Business

India’s percentage of Women CEOs at about 12.9% is better than the Average for APAC & Australia, however, the champions of Women Leadership of Business are countries like Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines, where over a quarter of all CEOs are women.

Sweden Leads, Germany far behind in Europe

The Global Average of Women as CEOs is below 10%. In the West, while Sweden leads with 15% CEOs being women, the figures for UK, Italy, France, Spain etc. hovers around 9%. Germany and Austria are at the bottom of the pack with only 4% of CEOs being women.

Where are Women CEOs – A Global Study by IRC


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